EHK Quick Quote:
"Fucking stupid and unforgivable. I feel that much dumber for having watched it."
- EnlightenmentHK

What is with all the Ronald Reagan avatars?
This question deserves a full explanation on it's own page - Why Ronald Reagan?
What is "Westeros"?
Westeros is a message board fansite for the fantasy book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin. This was the website where Tom spent a lot of his time on the Internet. Westeros is a vibrant and intelligent community of people from all over the world and Tom was one of our most intelligent members, with a keen intellect and a passion for debate. We would describe him as "a pillar of the board".

For many of us Westeros is a daily visit, it is more than just a forum disussing fantasy books and any subject from serious to silly is debated and dissected. Much of the content on this website was originally posted on Westeros and that should provide a strong example for the kind of subjects that are open for discussion. Compared to a lot of forums on the Internet, Westeros has a very free and liberated attitude and that is thanks to the dedicated work of the moderators and "Ran" who owns and runs the site. The message board is a well designed website and quite a bit of the formatting, features and layout used on this site were inspired or outright stolen from it. Westeros also has very good security which keeps the spammers and bots out allowing for free and informative discussion, the perfect place for Tom to ferment, showcase and share his thoughts and opinions. Westeros and it's members have also had a very strong positive affect on Tom's life, many of his opinions actually changed over time in part thanks to the kind of discussions he had there.

The result of all this is a friendly and caring community of friends, the kind of people who would travel to the other side of the world to meet each other. The kind of people who upon learning of the death of one of it's greatest members will raise over a thousand dollars in less than one day to send a floral tribute, pay $80 to keep the guestbook site permanently open, and to donate $800 to the White Sox Community Fund in memory of him. The kind of people who would spend a lot of their own free time building a website in tribute.

I invite you to come join us, you would be very welcome.
Why do so many of the pages on this site have no content?
This site is still in a testing and development phase right now. Over the next few weeks and months the category pages will fill up with topics and the topic pages will fill up with posts from EHK. Please be patient and eventually more content will be uploaded.
Why do some of the Quick Quotes go to the home page?
This is because the posts the quotes originally came from are not available yet.
Not sure if it's possible, but the dates of the posts ought to reflect the date of the original post - Iceman of the North
Thanks for the question Iceman. The dates and times are set to US Central time so they match when EHK actually made the post at his local time. I did not want to get into having people set their own time and adjusting everything like you can on Westeros. That is far more complicated than you might believe and I wanted to keep this site as simple as possible, hope that is OK with everyone.
Why is the Gallery page wider than the others?
Because I could not adjust the width of the gallery and it was wider than the size I set my pages at.
How can I contact the maker of this website?
Please use the contact form on the Contact MG page.
Do you need any money to cover the cost of this website? - Lady Narcissa
Buying the domain name plus web hosting for one year cost me just $20, I am happy to bear the cost of that. I did not put a donation in the main EHK fund because I knew where I wanted to put that money.

However for the 2nd year and each subsequent year it will cost a little over $40 to renew so I think I will ask the board to chip in for that, but we can worry about that next July.

The main thing the website cost me is my free time and I don't really feel comfortable putting a price on that and making my friends at Westeros pay for it, ya know. What I get out of it is the satisfaction of making a good site that people will enjoy visiting and I can also point to it and say to potential employers and even clients, if I want to go self-employed, "look - this is the kind of thing I can do."

For me, its all good :smile:
Is there anything I can do to help?
If you have a basic understanding of HTML coding then yes you could help me to add new content to this site at a much faster rate. If you have some time to spare and would like to code up new topics and posts to be included on this website then please Contact MG for details.