EHK Quick Quote:
"I would give up a 3 way with
Angelina Jolie and Kiera Knightly to
relive this again."
- EnlightenmentHK

For this explanation let's turn to this quote from Triskele:

QUOTE (Triskele @ Jul 7 2009, 23.10) post snapback

I remember not too long ago when I was a true n00b I noticed this guy with this Reagan avatar. The picture itself was ambiguous....I couldn't tell if it was praising Reagan or mocking him. In true n00b fashion I pm'd EHK to ask. He responded quite politely. I did notice shortly after that he had a new sig which said something like "Yes, I have a Reagan av. No, I don't need to explain it. You figure it out.".

I will expand on this topic at a later date.